Multi-Genre Music Composer* Commission status please check my Twitter bio *If you’re interested in commissioning me, please DM me on Twitter/email/Discord amerynnn_You may commission me on VGen too, button below.For corporate/commercial use, please send me an email.

Price and Info


TypeLengthPrice (USD)
Jingle~30 sec$100
Short BGM1.00 ~ 1.30 min$250
Long BGM2.00 ~ 2.30 min$350
Sound Alerts-$25 each
No-Revision BGM1.00 ~ 1.30min$150

You will receive both mp3 and wav files.Turn around time :
~ 1 to 4 weeks (depends on queue and workload)
* Please note that the TAT will also be affected by your respond time as I will only proceed to the next stage when you respond and okay with the updates given by me.
Genres that I proficient in :
Lo-fi, Orchestral, Piano, Cute and Comfy vibes, Ambient stuffs, Electronic
I am very flexible in terms of genres and type of music but below are the genres that I'm not fluent inGenres that I can't do :
Rock, Metal, Trap
Rush orders will add 50% of the total price
Corporate vtuber use (that requires to sign NDA) will add 50% of the total price
Important Note : BGMs are for live-streaming use ONLY, if you intend to put it on music streaming platform (such as Spotify, iTunes etc), it will be consider as commercial use and the price will be
x 2.5


TypeLengthPrice (USD)
Standard1 Short BGM + 3 alerts$300
Premium2 Short BGM + 3 alerts$500
Full3 Short BGM (for Intro, Outro & Just-Chatting) + 5 alerts$800

Original Music

USD $300 - $500
per min.
Will include composing, mixing and mastering.
Lyrics depends.
Please DM me to discuss.

Step 1 : Discussion

- DM me on twitter if you're interested in commissioning me and we will discuss about what kind of bgm/alert you want!- If you're not sure about what kind of bgm/alert you want, you can let me know about the vibe of your stream or character and I can work out something for you and we can tweak from there.- I will only start composing your bgm/alerts once I received the payment.

Step 2 : Composing

- Once I have all the information I need, I will start composing your bgm/alert !- I will update you asap when I'm done composing and I will ask you whether is there any changes you wanna make.- Any major changes are allowed during this stage (eg: change melody/instruments, redo a certain section etc)- This stage will take the longest time compared to other stages, to make sure the bgm/alert achieves what you want.

Step 3 : Mixing

- When the composition is confirm, I will move onto mixing stage.- I will update you asap when I'm done mixing and I will ask you whether is there any changes you wanna make.- Any minor changes are allowed during this stage (eg: tweaking, maybe add more reverb on certain instrument, or make this instrument sound more airy etc)

Final Step : Mastering

- Any changes are not allowed during this stage, and changes should be done or mentioned during mixing stage.- This stage is to balance and finalize the stereo mix and optimize the bgm/alerts for streaming.- Once the mastering is done, you will be given a mp3 file and high quality wav file.


TypePrice (USD)
Solo Vocal (includes tuning, timing & EQ)$50 per song
2 or more vocal+$30 per person
Artificial Harmonies+$15 per harmony
Chorus+$20 per chorus line
Instrumentals only$25 per instrument track
Mastering$50 per song
Commercial use+50% of total price

TV Size
Half of the prices above
*Each commission will usually takes min 1 week of time.(Prices listed are estimates only, and it will vary based on your needs and complexity and also your audio recording quality)

Terms of Service

- No payment is required to be on waiting list.
- if you’re on my waiting list, I’ll contact you when my commissions are open. If you doesn’t respond/ghost me within a week, I’ll remove your slot from waiting list.
Payment Method :
- Paypal, Ko-Fi, or Stripe(Preferred for commissions more than $150)
- Paypal/Stripe invoice will be sent out via Paypal/Stripe.
- I accept trade for discounts (eg : art/graphics) and I have the rights to decline a trade.
Please Read
- You can choose to pay upfront or deposit first. Prices are negotiable (except for Bundles)
- Min. deposit of 50% of the total is required for me to start working on your commission.
- Once I start working on your commission, there's no refund.
- Unlimited revision available but once the final product been delivered, no changes can be made.
- Not first come first serve basis, I have the right to reject commissions that I am not comfortable with.
- Each commissions takes time to produce and make it perfect, if you need a rush commission, please contact me.
- BGMs can be used on Twitch/YouTube ONLY for streaming purpose/video bgm, and credit my name (Ameryn) and link to my twitter page required wherever you use the audio.
- If you wish to upload your BGM on streaming platforms such as Spotify & iTunes (aka commercial use), prices will be x2.5 and must be stated when commissioning.
- I am allowed to showcase your commission as part of my portfolio.
- For Paypal payments, you are not allowed to file for chargeback once the commission has been delivered. If chargeback case is filed when the commission has been delivered, I will reveal your name to public and your commission will be release for public use.
- I do not support NFTs. You are not allowed to mint/sell the commission work as an NFT. If you failed to respect this term, your commission work will be release for public use.
__For Mixing commissions : __
- Each audio recordings and instrumental tracks must be named correctly and in a .zip file.
- All vocal/instrumental recordings must be in .wav format.
- The quality of the my mix will be limited to the mic and quality of recordings provided by you.
- Please understand that I can't change the way you sing or the quality of your recordings. But if you need tips for doing recording, you can reach out to me, I'll do my best to help you out.
- If you decide to change anything or retake when the mixing is in final stage, additional 50% of total price will be charge.
**You can commission me anything else you can think of related to music! Please DM me. **



Sound Alerts

Original Music and Mixing